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Strong Leighweigt Case Aluminium Viking


Aluminum boxes are the best choice when you have the highest demands to protect your valuable, fragile or hazardous load during transportation or storage in every circumstance, even the extreme ones. It is a perfect answer for any packaging or logistics challenge.  For anyone who requires maximum protection of their valuable, vulnerable or dangereous products. Your precious cargo will always be maximally protected.

Meet our new range in alumium boxes: The Viking Box

The Viking Box is robust, impact-resistant, dust and water resistant, anti-magnetic and rust proof. Your ideal companion in all climates and environments! It offers you excellent quality at a very competitive price. 

Optimum protection for storage and transport

Whether you need an inexpensive box for transport and storage of basic materials, a box for costly electronic equipment, or even one for the transportation of dangerous goods. Rely on your Viking in all circumstances! 

  • Light-weight

  • Easily stackable

  • Unaffected by extreme cold or heat

  • Antimagnetic and rustproof

  • Dust and water resistant

  • Comfortable handles

  • 9 different models

The choice is yours

The Viking range is known for its wide choice in both models and sizes; they offer excellent quality at a very competitive price. High-quality aluminium, which makes itimpact, dust and water resistant, anti-magnetic and rust proof. For every packaging or transport challenge, the Viking range can provide you with an economic solution.

Perfect allrounder

Your Viking has specifically been designed to guarantee a safe storage and transport on every journey and expedition to any place in the world. Whether it is transporting valuable products, sensitive equipment or hazardous substances, the Viking is capable of doing it all: for industrial or private use, for use in extreme conditions or at the office, military specifications or food safety regulations. Even in the most extreme circumstances!

 Unique benefits

Aluminum boxes have unique advantages: they are lightweight, impact proof, robust and built to last, ensuring your content is completely protected. Also, aluminum is unaffected by extreme cold or heat, is antimagnetic and rustproof. The Viking Box is equipped with comfortable handles, easily stackable, perfectly stabile because of the typical yellow sturdy angle profiles and closable withe and yellow patted locks.



Strong Leighweigt Case Aluminium Viking

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