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  1. Our Roto Sunday Golf Travel Case (2SKB-RSC) is a lightweight, airline travel safe and ready solution to transport your favorite clubs.The 2SKB-RSC Roto Sunday Case weighs only 6 pounds and elimin...

    Interior length (mm)1257

    Interior width (mm) 127

  2. Designed to accommodate two standard sets of clubs, or a staff bag along with other travel items, this case is molded from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, the material specified by the U.S. ...

    Interior length (mm)1232

    Interior width (mm) 508

  3. SKB Corporation has expanded their line-up of rugged Roto Space Saver Series of cases with the 2SKB-R4916W Roto-Molded Medium Sized Stand case. This case accompanies the 2SKB-R5017W Large Roto Space S...

    Interior length (mm)1251

    Interior width (mm) 318

  4. Rotationally molded with slide-in cap design for compact shipping and storage. Patented computer design provides rotomolded indestructibility in a rolling stand and hardware case. Accepts a padlock fo...

    Interior length (mm)1264

    Interior width (mm) 330

  5. Keep your golf clubs safe with our Deluxe Standard ATA Golf Travel Case (2SKB-4814W). This case is contoured to fit cart bags, carry bags, and drivers up to 48". Molded from ultra-high molecular weigh...

    Interior length (mm)1238

    Interior width (mm) 279

  6. Keep your golf clubs safe with SKB's Standard ATA Golf Travel Case (2SKB-4812WS). This case is design for the most popular standard golf bags while providing maximum protection. Molded from ultra-high...

    Interior length (mm)1238

    Interior width (mm) 286

  7. The Deluxe ATA Staff Golf Travel Case is capable of accepting drivers up to 49" in length. Made in North America, the SKB Deluxe ATA Staff Golf Travel Case (2SKB-1649W) represents the latest in SKB qu...

    Interior length (mm)1245

    Interior width (mm) 308

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7 Item(s)

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