SKB Europe datasetsMore and more of our partners are implementing SKB products on their websites. This results in a growing demand for digital, customer specific and relevant SKB product information. In response to this SKB created some standard customer specific datasets. With this format we are able to support you when you  intent to place SKB products on your website.

In the SKB dataset the most important and common SKB product specifications are collected in an xls file.  By doing this we can support you by providing SKB product data focused on the product range (Industry and/or Music and/or Sports) which is relevant for your business. The dataset contains the info as mentioned below, it’s applicable for different home markets since it’s available in 5 languages (Dutch, English, German, French and Italian):


1. Category
2. Sub category
3. Article Number
4. Product Name
5. Long Description
6. Packaging length (mm)
7. Packaging height (mm)
8. Packaging width (mm)
9. Total weight packaging (kgs)
10. Product length Exterior (mm)
11. Product width Exterior (mm)
12. Product height Exterior (mm)
13. Product weight (kgs)
14. UPC code
15. Number of units in a pack
16. Country of origin
17. Image link
18. Special Features 1
19. Special Features 2
20. Special Features 3
21. Special Features 4
22. Special Features 5
23. Special Features 6
24. Special Features 7
25. Special Features 8
26. Special Features 9
27. Special Features 10


Additionally a work instruction & access to our FTP server will be provided with which product images can be downloaded.



Please let us know for which product range (Industry and/or Music and/or Sports) and in what language you want to receive your dataset!