SKB drum case kitWith the complete line of SKB drum cases now being available in Europe we are convinced that you can offer the best drum cases in the world to your clients.  

Profit from a better, high quality alternative.

Superior quality

By using Linear Low Density Polythylene (LLPDE) for these roto molded cases, having a solid fixation of the interior and offering a universal spare part line, SKB makes the difference. Backed up by a lifetime warranty our drum cases can simply be seen as the best available on the market place.


Favorite case for big names

Hard core professional drummers are all going for SKB to protect their gear. For example George Kollias, but also many back line and rental companies. 

George Kollias quote


Poster and counter display for your store

We are happy to provide you with a free SKB drum poster and counter display to put up in your store with your next drum case order. Just mention "including poster" and/or "including counter display" on your PO.

SKB poster and counter display