shock rack military communication systemsSKB Europe and one of its partners have been supplying the first batches for a Military contract which involved communication systems to Selex. The quality, support and knowledge again were the main reasons to choose SKB Europe as the supplier for protecting the equipment. 

This is showing the steps we are making within the European market place. SKB is getting more and more accepted as a high quality transport solution for no matter which gear.

Unique hinch doors

An important reason to go for SKB in this tender was the unique compound hinge system. This allows the lid to swing out and completely around to lie flat against the main body of the case. Or you can go lid-less with an effortless lift motion and reinstalled with the same ease in seconds. The front and rear lids are designed to protrude into the base of the case approximately 1" and their unique double wall structure makes them incredibly stiff where this intersection occurs.

Standard wheels and air pressure relief valve

The SKB racks are delivered including wheels and air pressure relief valves. In many cases, this is an option that has to be purchased seperately.

Fast deployment

The short lead times of SKB Europe were another important advantage for Selex. This allowed for a fast deployment of their project and prevented them from having to implement temporary solutions in the meantime.

Knowledge and partnership

We have supported in this project using a pro-active approach. By thoroughly investigating together with all parties involved in which circumstances the products are used we could recommend the use of appropriate rails, shock absorbers, product dimensions and product quality.


More information?

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