Roto rack stackThe fully re-designed Roto-molded Shallow and Roto Racks now meet the needs of musicians and pro audio/video engineers even more than before, some superior features were added:

Make your own stack

With the recognizable "bar design" you can easily and securely stack the new Roto Shallow Racks and Roto Racks. It is not only possible to stack the Roto Shallow Racks and Roto Racks, but it is also possible to make a combined stack of Roto Shallow Racks and Roto Racks. For example a stack of 2 Roto Shallow Racks on top of a Roto Rack. It is even possible to put the 1SKB-R100 product from our range on top of a Roto Rack, to create a complete DJ tower that is ready to use!

Ready to roll

The 1SKB-RCB caster board is available as part of the Roto Shallow Racks and Roto Racks range and makes it really easy to put your stack of racks solidly on a set of wheels. No need to manually mount wheels, just put your stack on the caster board and you are ready to roll! The "bar design" is also integrated onto the caster board. This, together with the included straps, makes a very solid stack.

Extreme impact resistance

Because the racks are roto molded, they are very forgiving in terms of impact. The material has a certain degree of flexibility which makes it almost impossible to crack. This will protect your gear during transport. Together with our Million Mile Warranty you can be assured of a high quality and durable rack solution.

Easy install and access

With the completely removable front and rear door, it is easy to install your equipment in the rack and you have easy access to your gear and connections. Rackmount screws are standardly included.

Dust and moist free

All products in the range have a rubber gasket on both doors to keep your equipment dust and moist free.

Change in rack depth

  • Roto Racks are equipped with front/rear threaded rails to cover a rack depth of 447 mm.
  • Roto Shallow Racks rack depth has been extended to 272 mm.


Assortment changes

As you might be aware, we made some changes to our assortment in the recent past. In the table below you can find the new products accompanied by the previous model number.

New ModelReplacesType
1SKB-R2U1SKB-R2 / 1SKB19-2URoto Rack
1SKB-R4U1SKB-R4 / 1SKB19-4URoto Rack
1SKB-R6U1SKB-R6 / 1SKB19-6URoto Rack
1SKB-R8U1SKB-R8 / 1SKB19-8URoto Rack
1SKB-R10U1SKB-R10 / 1SKB19-10URoto Rack
1SKB-R12U1SKB-R12 / 1SKB19-12URoto Rack
1SKB-R2S1SKB-XRACK2Shallow Roto Rack
1SKB-R3S1SKB-XRACK3Shallow Roto Rack
1SKB-R4S1SKB-XRACK4Shallow Roto Rack
1SKB-R6S-Shallow Roto Rack
1SKB-RCB1SKB-1904Caster board
1SKB-R4W1SKB-RLX3 / 1SKB-RLX4Rolling Roto Racks
1SKB-R6W1SKB-RLX5 / 1SKB-RLX6Rolling Roto Racks
1SKB-R8W-Rolling Roto Racks


More information?

For more information on these products, feel free to contact us. Use your dealer login to check stocks of the products.