Larysa’s passion for travel, meeting new people, discovering new places and experiences, led her to find that thing when she booked a hunt in New Zealand. Even though she had never shot a rifle before, she instantly fell in love with the hunting lifestyle. Understanding how complex hunting and fishing is, and how much there is to learn, Larysa made it her goal to absorb as much as possible about the outdoors and how to conserve and protect it.Larysa Switlyck SKB cases

In her show ‘Larysa Unleashed’ on the ‘Sports Channel’ and ‘Hunting Channel’, she wants to provide an entertaining and adventurous vehicle for viewers to experience and learn alongside her the importance of conservation, heritage and the true reason people hunt and fish.

“With all the traveling I do, I trust SKB cases with my gear because I know my weapons will shoot exactly like how they shot before I put them in. SKB cases guarantee me the protection I need traveling to and from the field so I can make that perfect shot every time.”


Which SKB-case does she use?

Larysa uses SKB’s 3i-4719-DB. This Injection Molded Watertight Double Bow Case offers a large interior and provides Superior Protection from the rigors of airline travel and hunting experiences. Molded of a proprietary blend of ultra-high-strength polypropylene co-polymer resin that is 3.5 times stronger than competing products, yet lightweight to meet strict Military Standards (MIL-STD-848C). Featuring eight “trigger release” latches for secure, easy access with stainless steel locking loops for your own lock. The three comfort grip handles provide a two man carry when needed and convenient wheels for easy maneuvering. Backed by the SKB Lifetime Warranty and the $1500 Content Coverage if damaged by an airline.