intershim skb caseOne of  our partners has improved the current shim storage and carrying solution at Intershim® by using an SKB iSeries case with a custom interior. 

Intershim® is a Dutch manufacturer of shims for the alignment of machinery. Underfilling is a crucial part of the process during the alignment of a machine. Intershim® is supplying standard shims for this alignment process. These Intershim® shims are available in 12 different thicknesses, ranging from 0,05 millimeter up to 3 millimeter.

Lighter solution

Because staff is carrying around the shim sets to and from the machines when they need to start the alignment process, Intershim® asked for a case that is not too heavy. That is why the SKB iSeries was chosen. The SKB 3i has a relatively low weight compared to competition, which made it the best option.

More robust

Because the case is used in a manufacturing environment, robustness was another important aspect for Intershim®. The injection molded 3i cases are indestructible and waterproof , durability is proven by SKB's lifetime warranty. Therefore the SKB 3i case turned out to be a good solution that lasts long and perfectly protects the shims.

Interior with an aluminium plate

The former solution solely had a foam interior, this was not strong enough to hold the heavy shims in place. It was therefore damaged after only a couple of uses already. That is why our partner came up with a smart solution using an aluminium plate on top of the foam. The aluminum plate was also printed with shim size and thickness, which makes the case easy and efficient to use during the alignment proces.


3i case aluminium plate interior
SKB 3i Intershim