skb customer review polarEvery month we receive mails from our customers about the challenges their cases have to face. Last week, we received a “Thank you” from Stefan Alin, Photographer, Blogger & Traveler. His message was so nice, we had to share it:

“The SKB 3i-2217-12 case was my companion last week in my trip to Tromsø, Norway. This spot is located above the arctic circle. The harsh temperatures and weather in late November are too much for a textile roller. So i choose the SKB 3i-2217-12 to be my check-in roller case for my camera tripods and personal luggage. The level of abuse that airport luggage faces sometimes way too much for a softshell roller.

Choosing a hard-case is great for peace of mind and protection. The latch system is one of the reasons for choosing SKB, this latches have an integrated TSA compatibile lock. Closing and opening the latches is very easy with gloves in extreme weather. The case is rigid and it does not scratch easily when badly handled by the airport staff. The four airport check-ins did not make any kind of worrying marks on it.

The 3i-2217-12 was exposed in extreme cold conditions shooting all around Tromsø the past week. Also the case endured some hard abuse loading/unloading in and out of trains and local busses.

The seven day exposure to the cold, humidity is no easy mission for any case, but the 3i-2217-12 handled it like a champ. The wheels and handle did a fantastic job, making my carrying job easy and fun. Shooting with one hand, pulling the case with the other. The case is a strong performer and is hard to not recommend to other working photographers and videographers that travel by airplane and so on.”

Thank you for choosing SKB Cases, Stefan!

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