bonobo skb casesWe are very happy to endorse Bonobo with our SKB Cases. Bonobo is one of the most widely played producers on the planet. Bonobo’s international sound is oriented on beats and samples but typically "soothing", combining influences ranging from club music to world music. Jack Baker & Ewan Wallace show you in this video why they like SKB so much.

For the past 2 decades my drums have been transported across the world many times, thrown in the back of cars, trucks and even dropped down a huge set of stairs in New York. They have had water damage and chipped paint work, even my cymbals have been bent backwards. Not anymore! My new SKB cases have saved my drums and cymbals forever. They are tough, robust, cushioned inside, extremely well built and with excellent handles and locking mechanisms. Now when I finish tours I know my gear is still going to be looking good as new. Thank you SKB” - Jack Baker



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