Sven Herzig lives in Barcelona, Spain, and contacted the local SKB distributor to purchase a 2SKB-5020W twin golf bag case. However, Sven does not play golf… but bought the case to transport his 2 radio controlled helicopters to competitions and exhibitions. “Living in downtown Barcelona is very nice and it is a beautiful city but you cannot fly your helicopters in a city with over 3 million inhabitants”. Sven needed a large and strong case with wheels to pack his big Align T-Rex 600 ESP with 600mm blades and overall length (with canopy 1,19m) and a smaller Thunder Tiger E325 Mini Titan, 315mm blades, including his Spektrum DX7 RC controller and accessories.

“The SKB case is the only one in the industry I can fit my 2 helicopters in”. “I have already communicated this inside the internet blogs of RC enthusiasts locally and you should get more requests for SKB cases from my colleague flyers”. “I can now easily get on the mid-town bus with my big case, which takes me out to the airfield” (which is mostly an abandoned industrial estate of large parking). “Barcelona bus drives are not complaining when I drag my big SKB case in”. “It is perfect!”