SKB Europe scored a beautiful, huge order of 10,000 Aluminium boxes. These boxes are bought by a company who is active in the field of identication of People and Products.

The final destination of these aluminium boxes is Congo in Africa. As an impact-resistant, ligh-weight packaging it is part of the biometric enrolment kit. These kits are used for identification and registration of the people in Congo. 

The kits comprise an electric power supply guaranteeing an autonomy of up to 18 hours, consumer goods (blank voters cards, ink, CDs, etc.) and all the material needed by the people in charge of the enrolment: a computer, camera, digital fingerprint reader and printer. The kits function fully under some of the most difficult circumstances, in both rural and urban environments. The aluminium box and foam interior is the best solution to use as a packaging to cope with the circumstances.

salient detail is that, because of the very short deliverytimes to the end-user,  all aluminium boxes and interiors are manufactured an delivered within 8 weeks.