3i-UN-approved-caseLegislation on transport of Lithium Ion batteries has become more strict. Therefore SKB and one of its partners have been looking for possibilities to use the SKB 3i injection molded cases for transport of these batteries.

Lithium batteries normally can only be transported if they are fixed in a packaging or device as they must be immovably stowed in all directions during transport. Until now the batteries were mostly shipped in approved cardboard packaging. It is clear that this is not the most desirable solution. In a daily defense world with constantly changing environmental and climate factors, cardboard packaging breaks easily, is sensitive to moisture and gets damaged easily during operation. This results in a drop of life span of the packaging.


3i is the perfect case for transportation of Li-Ion

In combination with a customized interior the 3i cases have managed to pass the severe testing and obtained the UN certificate for transport of Lithium Ion Batteries. The 3i cases are currently the only injection molded Mil-Std cases which can offer this transport solution. Therefore an unbreakable case with an extensive life span is now available.

The 3i cases had to endure extensive testing and inspections carried out by a certified institution. With the passing of the test involved SKB is now capable of offering a family range of sustainable UN certified packaging solution for transport of Lithium Ion batteries up to a maximum weight of 31 kg.

When you are interested in receiving more information then please let us know. We will gladly provide you with more information about the possibilities of our cases. 


Request the infographic

To help you to get a good view on what it entails to transport Lithium-Ion batteries according to the current UN-regulations, we have created an infographic of which a "preview" is showed below. Do you want to receive a larger version of the infographic? Please leave your contact details and we will e-mail it to you!

Infographic SKB 3i UN approved Lithium Ion batteries