skb 3i guitar hard case Does your guitar mean the world to you? Is damage to your precious instrument the last thing you want?

Even though many people answer "yes" to these questions, we experience that a lot of people have doubts about what they need for protecting their guitar. Is a hard case really needed? Or will a soft case or gig bag do for me?

Therefore, we wrote down some considerations that you should take into account when you are deciding on what you need for transporting and stocking your guitar.


1. Because your guitar is worth it..

It may seem obvious, but the value of the instrument you want to protect determines the value of the guitar case you should have.

You are passionate about your guitar and it is not only about the price you’ve paid for it. Most probably you just do not want to lose or break your precious gear, that you love so much and you have already played for years.

Knowing that a hard case is much more solid, you should think twice when choosing how to protect your treasure.

happiness guitar


2. You only buy a hard case once

A hard case will have a longer lifetime compared to soft cases and gig bags. So that is important to keep in mind when comparing them. You should see a hard case as an investment rather than as an expensive alternative.

Looking at SKB hard cases, you only buy them once in your life. The unique thing about SKB’s hard case solutions is that they come with a Lifetime Warranty. Only reason for this is that they are almost indestructible. 

You only buy a hard case once


3. Surviving an airplane flight

It’s always a scary moment, waiting for your guitar at the baggage claim on the airport. Will it be on the conveyer belt? Will it be in one piece? The last thing you want is a broken guitar on your way to your next gig.

Hard cases are built to survive airplane flights. So if you regularly take your guitar into an airplane you should really get a hard case.

When traveling by plane not only protecting your guitar is important. Hard cases often come with other advantages. Most of them come with a pull handle and wheels to easily transport your case from and to the flight. Next to this hard cases are lockable to make sure nobody can get into your case.

SKB hard case on a flight


4. Safely stock your guitar

A guitar case is not only meant for transporting your guitar. It can also be valuable for safely stocking it.

The picture below shows the strength of a hard case. This guitar survived a fire without a scratch because it was safely stored in a hard case!

Of course this is an extreme example. However, it shows that SKB’s hard cases are indestructible. They are also dust- and waterproof which makes it the perfect solution for stocking your guitar.

Moreover, SKB hard cases are easily stackable. Ideal when you need to stock multiple guitars or other instruments.

SKB in fire


We certainly do not say a hard case is the best solution for every guitar player. But the list above gives you a good guideline of what you should consider before buying a guitar case.