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Glossary of terms

Adjustable Rails

28 inch Heavy Duty Shockrack systems include a revolutionary new patent pending Adjustable Rail Conversion System. This ARCS technology allows the user to adjust the rack width up to 0.5 inches on each side and optional easy-mount adapter rails will convert the equipment mounting standard from 3/16" threaded to 7/32" through holes or square cage nut windows. Accommodates Dell and Compaq servers utilizing "Versa-rail" or "Rapid-rail" pull-out systems.

ATA Rated

ATA (Air Transport Association) specification 300, category 1 is the highest standard for an airline transport container (a minimum of 100 common carrier trips). Category II has a minimum of 10 trips by air. 

Built-in Shocks

Built-in elastomeric shock with a load range of 40 pounds to 150 pounds are included standard on our Shock Rack series.

Built-in Wheels or Casters

Includes either our 3SKB-CAST1 quick release 4" casters with mounting plates and hardare, or comes with heavy duty built-in wheels standard.


Linear Low Density Polyethylene / Linear Medium Density Polyethylene plastic that is used in roto molding.

Roto Molded

Process of forming powdered plastic in a large oven in aluminum molds that rotate on two axis to evenly melt and distribute the plastic giving an even density and strong corners.

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